professional group. very pleased

Tina H. | Westerville, OH
October 13, 2017

No complaints from any owners or Board members regarding the job this crew performed. It was a tough job due to location, access and very tight areas to navigate. Thank you for making my job easier!

Jerri G. | Columbus, OH
October 12, 2017

I have had a good degree of difficulty getting the entire work done before getting the invoice. There seems to be a disconnect between the crew leaders and management necessitating me to travel multiple times to inspect and re-inspect. Completion of side edges of door/window trim and shutters has been generally overlooked. Ultimately, the work is good, the crews are respectful of the property, and communication with management is prompt.

Doug T. | Columbus, OH
October 11, 2017

The guys were very friendly and did a nice job.

Glenn M. | Columbus, OH
October 10, 2017

They did a wonderful job.

Todd J. | Columbus, OH
November 7, 2016

They were stupendous.

Jon M. | Hilliard, OH
June 16, 2016

I appreciate everything they have done for us; they do a good job.

Mark O. | Hilliard, OH
November 25, 2014

I appreciate Dave, Mike, and Paul. They do a great job and they are my go to guys for that kind of work.

Mark O. | Heath, OH
November 25, 2014

They were fast, professional and did a great job.

Dave H. | Columbus, OH
November 18, 2014

Thanks to Dave, Mike and Paul. They're always responsive, professional and dedicated to the tasks at hand. They have become my "go to guys" for all my painting needs.

Byron D. | Dublin, OH
November 14, 2014